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Elizabeth Tan Rosolowsky


I have always loved to dance. I grew up dancing jazz and ballet as a youngster and then caught on to the aerobics craze in the 90's (leotards, reeboks, and all). I would sign up for hip hop and zumba fitness classes throughout my university days. I also got into running as my main form of cardiovascular exercise but wanted something more well-rounded... and with more interesting rhythm!


It was one of the Dance Moves fliers posted in the Ermineskin Community Hall that caught my eye in the summer of 2019. Funk, hip-hop, jazz, Latin, Bollywood… being able to dance these styles and more got me hooked from the first class. What keeps me coming back for more, though, is the supportive community of women, laughing and smiling and dancing their hearts out. Dance Moves has not only given me a stronger set of lungs and greater flexibility, but it consistently restores my overall sense of wellness. 


My husband, son, and I moved to Edmonton in 2012 for our work at the University of Alberta. We were eager to make connections in this city. When Linda asked me if I would consider being a Dance Moves instructor, I told her that I felt like it was winning the lottery! My husband and son have been my biggest cheerleaders (next to Linda) in my taking the leap to become a Dance Moves instructor, seeing it as a meaningful way of building relationships, I became an instructor at the Ermineskin location in January 2020. 

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