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About Dance Moves

An Edmonton-Grown Business
All About Passion

In recognition of her creation of Dance Moves over 40 years ago, Linda was honoured with the Global Woman of Vision award in January, 2015. Global’s Woman of Vision celebrates the accomplishments of outstanding Edmonton women — women who have implemented their passion and whose personal dedication and actions inspire us all. “The community within the Dance Moves classes is strong,” Linda says. “People come in and socialize and have fun with their friends. It’s not as much about doing the routines properly as it is about having fun, working out, seeing your friends, and having a good time.” From children as young as eight to women as old as 90, Linda and her talented instructors focus on building relationships as well as building dance routines. “People come just to see their friends and exercise,” Linda says. “It’s about the heart of the program, about the connection with everyone getting together. Dance is an expression of your soul and you become connected with the people you dance with.”


Is Dance Moves for you?

If you love to dance and you are looking for a fitness program that is fun, challenging, and energizing, look no further! Learn a variety of dance styles in one class for an amazing, complete body workout.


Dance Moves is an innovative and exciting, complete body workout that keeps you coming back for the fun of it! Each 1-hour and 15-minute class features a variety of dance styles included in the list below which are taught progressively over the 10-week session:

  • Jazz

  • Funk

  • Hip Hop

  • Latin

  • Swing

  • Line Dance

  • Bollywood, Afro Jazz, and more!

Dancing in a variety of dance styles is the best complete body workout because each style works the body differently. Also, Dance Moves includes a warm-up, strength and endurance (core work and upper body workout with weights), mobility and flexibility stretching, and ends with relaxation. This is all in addition to the cardio section that will have you working up a sweat dancing the routines you learn! You leave the class feeling great, knowing that you have had a balanced workout without pain and discomfort.

  • Classes run many times per week in different facilities around Edmonton & St Albert (see the schedule page for all locations and times).

  • Flexible scheduling available.

  • Unlimited Online Classes are available 24/7 in video format.  Extended access available.  Online Classes are available 52 weeks per year.

  • Hybrid packages (In Person & Online) SAVE $ and give yourself maximum flexibility and ease of access to fitness 24/7 52 weeks of the year. 

  • All ages (ages 8 to 80+) and all dance abilities.

  • No previous dance training is required, absolute beginners are welcomed.

  • No partners are necessary.

  • Taught by A.F.L.C.A. trained instructors.

  • 10-week sessions start in January, April, July, and October, Unlimited Online classes run 52 weeks per year

  • Dance Moves has been a leader in Edmonton's fitness for over 40+ years and has hundreds of participants attending regularly for years.!


This is how we grew...

Fall 2003  there were about 200 participants

Fall 2004  Started up Gentle Dance Moves in the senior centres 

Fall 2005  there were about 350 participants

Fall 2007  there were about 650 participants 

More than 300% growth in 4 years!!!  Dance Moves was on a roll...


In 2004, Linda Tyler was nominated for the YWCA Woman of Distinction for Athletics, Recreation & Fitness.  Many letters were written and support was shown by the participants which was a great honour to this inspiring entrepreneur's accomplishments.   


Dance Moves gives back to the community each Christmas with Feed the Food Bank Fundraisers at City Hall.  For 20+ years, participants have shared with family and friends what they love to do by dancing in the foyer of City Hall to benefit the Edmonton Food Bank,  raising on average 400 kg of food and over $2000 per year.


Financially, Dance Moves helped to build a shelter for the kids in Nigeria that are abandoned and tortured by their families and communities because they are feared to be witch kids. 


Dance Moves clothing is available for purchase by the participants.   

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