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Frequently Asked Questions

I have no dance background, will I be able to keep up in this class? 

Dance Moves is designed for those who love to dance and would like to keep fit.  No dance background is necessary, absolute beginners are welcomed. We teach the steps like a dance class without the music.  We start the session simplified with more repetition so new people can learn the dances and keep up. Past participants and experienced dancers don't mind it simpler, to begin with, because they can get a good workout.  They know that over the session the dances progress to being nice enough to perform even though we don't perform.   The instructors are also willing to give some extra help for a few minutes before or after the class if you are having difficulty with a step.  The Unlimited Online classes are fabulous for beginners.  You can repeat the video in part or whole as much as you want and you can even slow down the speed. It has been proven in Dance Moves classes that you can learn coordination and rhythm.  So YES, everyone can do these classes!


What should I wear to class?

Wear comfortable, cool fitness clothing with indoor non-marking runners.  


What should I bring?

Bring a mat (yoga mat is fine) and a water bottle.  You can also bring hand held weights starting about the 2nd week of class.  If you tend to sweat a lot you might want to bring a small towel to the class.  


Dance Moves Trivia
  • ​Linda has choreographed 1000 + routines over the past 40+ years.

  • Dance Moves has offered over 145 seven to ten week sessions over the past 40+ years.

  • Linda has done a whopping 270,000+ abdominal crunches in 40+ years of teaching Dance Moves classes!

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