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Jenny Samm

I work for the South East Edmonton Early Childhood Community Coalition as the coalition coordinator. I have two wonderful children Allison and Xander and a wonderful husband, Chris, their "Super Dad". In my spare time, I love to be involved in my community, my church, and teach Dance Moves!  


I started Dance Moves as a participant and I loved the program so much that I trained to be an AFLCA certified instructor and have now been teaching Dance Moves for 20+ years!


I really can’t imagine life without Dance Moves – Dance Moves has been the stress relief, the energy surge, and the confidence booster that has helped me deal with life’s ups and downs.


I truly do love the variety of great music, the creative choreography, and the incredible whole body workout that Dance Moves provides – it is so much fun!  Plus, I am inspired and blessed daily by the people in the Dance Moves program – thank you to Linda (owner of Dance Moves), the other instructors and the participants for being the amazing people you are! 

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