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Liane Litven


I have been teaching students of all ages since 1978 and have been able to offer  my students over four decades of knowledge and teaching experience.


In addition to owning and operating my own dance studios for over 22 years, I am  also a Dance Adjudicator, Examiner, Choreographer and Dance Master for many Workshops and Conventions, Competitions and Musical and Variety shows throughout Canada.


I started as a participant of Dance Moves the summer of 2011 and by January of 2012 I was teaching the program.  Although I didn’t always teach a class of my own I was always excited to be available to teach for any of the instructors who needed a substitute for their classes.  After the past two years of online instruction I am thrilled to be back in person in the “classroom” enjoying the love of dance with all the amazing participants.  They are my motivation to get out there and dance dance dance!

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