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Meagan Homer

From the age of 3 to 17 I was involved in competitive dance and studied in the styles of ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical and modern. Dance was a major part of my life while growing up, but once I started University I put dance on hold to pursue my studies.


In 2013 I found out about Dance Moves and was so excited to try a program that used choreographed dances to achieve a full body workout. It seemed like a perfect fit! I knew after my first class that I had finally found what I had been missing for the past few years... dance! Thanks to Dance Moves, I was able to once again express myself through creative movement, as well as regain a higher level of fitness.


In the spring of 2014 I began working as a Dance Moves teaching assistant and in the summer started teaching on my own. I have loved every minute of it and take great joy in watching the participants find ways to express themselves through dance. I believe that Dance Moves is a complete program that anyone can enjoy and I love how it is engaging, challenging, but most of all fun!    

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