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Nichole Aytenfisu

I started Dance Moves as a participant in 2007.  I quickly came to love the program and became an instructor in 2008.  I am now going on 13 years instructing with Dance Moves!


I am a mother of 4 beautiful children (Teo, Talia, Cerie and little Naya) and have been married for 8 years to my wonderful husband, Koko.  


I'm often asked how I manage to keep in shape and stay centered with 4 young children and my answer is always the same.  I have great family support and I've found a way to exercise that I LOVE!!

Dance moves not only gives me a complete body workout, but I get to spend 2 nights a week with some amazing people.  I look forward to "Date Nights" with my participants and the funny stories we share in and outside of classes.  On a stressful day I always walk out of class feeling refreshed and at peace.  My ladies tell me I have a great relaxation voice for our stretch and relaxation time at the end of the class,  Join us and you can leave the class feeling more refreshed and at peace.

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