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Linda Tyler

Passion, dedication, talent
and just plain hard work!


Linda Tyler, with a passion for music and dance, started choreographing dances in her basement as a very little girl and charged her parents admission to come see her shows (an entrepreneur at age 6). The youngest of 5 children, Linda always wanted to take dance lessons but skating lessons were much closer to home so her parents let her take lessons to learn how to dance on skates.   Being the daughter of 2 very musical parents who met singing in the Edmonton Opera, she was surrounded by music and the fine arts all her life.   "When I hear music, I see dance in my head and my whole body wants to move to express the music,"  says Linda.  So with the belief instilled by her parents that she could do anything she set her mind to, she was determined to make her body do what she saw in her head.  Studying dancers such as Michael Jackson and videotaping herself over and over until it looked like what  she wanted, Linda set to work teaching herself to dance.


Linda was involved in music all her life including choirs, instrument ensembles and extensive musical training in piano, achieving her A.R.C.T. diploma at age 20.  She also attained her B. Ed. and taught elementary school music incorporating movement and dance in the classroom and in Phys. Ed. for fitness through dance.   


Linda knew that dancing was an amazing way to workout.  She started developing Dance Moves,  a program that brought the love of dance to the general public and gave them a complete body workout while they were having fun, dancing.  It was very much a hobby/volunteer job to begin with as the stay at home mom taught piano and choreographed dances (with very little formal dance training) for just a handful of people to enjoy.  Word got out and it grew... and grew.  

Linda danced her way through 3 pregnancies still teaching 2 weeks before her 3rd child was born.   When the youngest was 3 she became a single mom and the 3 kids and mom were a team that worked together to make Dance Moves work.  After teaching  a few years part time incorporating Dance Moves into the elementary school music and Phys. Ed. programs, Linda decided to take a leap and resign from teaching school to focus on Dance Moves.  


Linda's view on Dance Moves as a career


"Life is good and I have the best  job in the world!  I get to meet a lot of incredible people and have made many, many great friends over the years.  I am able to help bring joy to people's lives and see their smiles while they experience the joy of dance.  I can help people reach their goals and work through physical and emotional issues.  I help people become more comfortable with their bodies and gain coordination.  I help people become one with the music, feeling it from the inside out.  I help people live longer, be stronger and look great!!  Plus, I get to stay in shape and have an outlet for my creativity.  My parents told me to follow my dreams and find my happiness.  Dance Moves is 38 years strong  and at 59, my dream has come true and I feel great!"  


Passion, dedication, talent and just plain hard work says it all! Dance Moves has stood the test of time for  39+ years!

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